Hearing Aids

We handle a wide range of hearing aids from all major hearing aid manufacturers because not one brand can best fit all hearing losses.  We will help you select the most appropriate hearing aid based on your individual hearing loss, lifestyle, budget and specific needs.  We will verify your improved hearing and understandability in our sound treated booth and will be able to show you a comparison between your previous hearing ability and your improved hearing ability using the new hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Styles

CIC – Completely In-the-Canal Hearing Aids are the smallest least visible custom made hearing instrument.  The CIC design offers better high frequency amplification and less chance of feedback or whistling while on the telephone.  This style needs less volume because the hearing aid is closer to the eardrum.  This design is cosmetically appealing.  CIC hearing aids come with conventional, programmable or digital circuitry.  The down side of this size hearing aid is that the batteries only last 4 to 7 days and not everyone can wear this style due to their hearing loss, ear canal shape, and their mandibular movement.
ITC – In-the-Canal Hearing Aids are small and easy to operate.  This design fits down in the lower portion of the ear and is relatively unnoticeable and comfortable.  ITC hearing aids come with conventional, programmable, multimemories, or digital circuitry.  These aids are less powerful than the ITE hearing aids.  They come with an option of an adjustable volume control or a fully automatic version.  This aid can fit a variety of hearing losses.
ITE – In-the-Ear Hearing Aids are very easy to operate especially for those with poor dexterity.  This aid can handle a greater hearing loss than the ITC models.  They are comfortable and fill the entire ear.  They also come with conventional, programmable, multimemories and digital circuitry.  This style is available with a telephone coil switch.  These aids come with an option of an adjustable volume control or fully automatic version.  This aid also fits a variety of hearing losses.
BTE – Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aids fit comfortably behind the ear and are attached to an earmold to deliver the sound into the ear.  They are frequently used for more severe hearing losses or with draining ears needing ventilation.  Because the microphone is located further from the receiver there is less chance of feedback whistling than with the above smaller hearing aids.  These aids also come with conventional, programmable, multimemories, and digital circuitry.  This design is flexible for use with telephones and assistive listening devices.  A directional capability with this particular type of hearing aid is also useful in certain listening environments.
    Body Hearing Aids have a cord connecting the hearing aid box to a receiver in the ear.  They are the most powerful and are used only with the most severe hearing losses.