Bit Torrent Site Gets Axed, Owner Forced to Pay £68m to MPAA

Bit Torrent website, a popular website that specializes in downloadable content, is being shut down following a court settlement.

The site, which was founded in 2003, was extremely popular with users. Some 7.4 million viewers had visited the site within three years of it going live. At its peak, Isohunt received an average of 40 million searches a month.

In response to the California court’s ruling, IsoHunt’s founder Gary Fung wrote on his blog that “its sad to see my baby go”.

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Record-Breaking Solar Plane Completes America Trip

The Solar Impulse aircraft has landed at New York’s JFK airport, having complete its impressive journey over the US. This is the first time a solar-powered airplane capable of flying in both day and night has attempted to fly over the US.

 The landing completes the ultimate leg of the Solar Impulse’s over America transcontinental bid, which began in May.

Earlier in its path, the Solar Impulse plane broke the distance record for solar-powered flight by staying within the air for the full 18 hours. Continue reading »