Games pioneer John Carmack joins virtual reality headset firm

Editorial – The Team at Oculus are re-inventing the Virtual Reality Headset with their kick starter funded Oculus Rift headset. John Carmack of half life, call of duty and Quake fame and an expert in first person shooters, has joined the Oculus staff to progress a game, I imagine a first person shooter, for the headset. Mind how this develops because the future of games may be in this appointment. Continue reading »

Xbox One unboxing – headset included with all versions

Editors Note – this year will be a monumental year for the console industry. The latest generations of Xbox and Playstation, are expected to be released within weeks of each other. Both are vying for our attention and hard-earned cash, unlike the last generation, Sony with the Playstation 4 have put a cheaper deal together in contrast to that xbox one, which surprised everyone at E3 in june. But latest news released by Microsoft proves the xbox one contains kinect and a headset, proving that xbox ones additional cost is actually for additional extras. Continue reading »

what are the most powerful and durable make of headphones?)

We’ve all been there, on that hectic train full of earsplitting, drunken individuals either going to, or returning from, some noisy, drunken place. All you would like is a rest and a cup of tea, but all they need is to create a bloody racket.

…Or what about that early morning stroll to work on a tranquil summer’s day? A journey that was very enjoyable until the concussive blast of road works crushed your calm and ruined your mood. Continue reading »

Hey, Over Here! Sony Over Ear Headphones, a Revolution in Music

Considering the great Uk summer season now in full sizzle, folks are taking to the streets in record numbers.

Pale, pasty figures in ill-fitting garments are stepping out of their houses (many of them for 1st time in months) and gazing in wonder at this great big orange ball in the sky. One again, our metropolis streets resemble a vampire vacation spot, again; it really is secure going outside without an umbrella (Legal Note: this does not constitute a promise). Continue reading »

what do your headphones say about your music tastes

As of late, it appears every person strolling on the streets playing tunes on their earphones, what sound? We don’t realize. We think we realize. Would the punk rocker at the rear of that bus secretly jamming to Britney Spears? Or is the tracksuit-bottomed, highlight-headed lass awaiting her friends, actually moshing out with Black Flag? The pinstripe power suit on the coach might be a massive Public Enemy supporter or the local ASBO might be a jazz fan that has a soft spot for Coltrane’s sax performance. Continue reading »

What are the Best Manufacturers of Earphones?

Brand isn’t promise of excellence, neither is cost within brand name. 

The Dr. Dre-certified ‘Beats’ headset series are a great case of branding devoid of substance. They charge the earth and whilst the noise is mostly top-quality, the equipment used are cheap plus the devices are generally very poorly built/assembled. If you ever disbelieve this, go and search the Amazon reviews, or just type in ‘Dr. Dre Beats Headphones are Rubbish’ into Google. You will be astounded (you aren’t) at what comes up.  Continue reading »