An overview of the which Radio Earpieces are best

A radio Earpiece gives you more covert and secure communications for the 2 way radio, but you may be confused with the word earpiece. It is used in many different guises, the most popular is the mobile phone earpiece, use for many of the main manufacturers and can have Bluetooth connectivity.

The Two way radio earpiece is primarily used by people that work with walkie talkies, the secure and covert communications that are demanded by doorman, event worker and security persons to do their job adequately.

With a huge selection of 2 way radios available to the consumer, it would be difficult to choose the best, with Entel, Yaesu, Cobra, Maxon and Sepura all producing their own models. As a rule of thumb Motorola are the market leaders and always produce the best and robust radios, they dominate the market because of this and have done for many years. Motorola’s two main competitors are Icom and Kenwood, both producing very good and reliable radios.

Motorola’s main business radio is their GP range, these include the GP340, 320, 360 and 380 along with the GP640, and 680. These are the most popular of their radios and can commonly seen on the door of your local club or at one of the big festivals. The GP340 was the first to move away from 2 pin connector, even though a later product was introduced with a 2 pin connector (the CP040) the multi pin connector this makes connecting to the radio safer and more secure. Motorola have introduced two other ranges of radios recently with a multi pin concept, the Digital DP3401, DP3400, DP3601 and the DP3600 and the MTP and MTP range used for the emergency services.

The earpiece is fundamentally an extension of a 2 way radio, from the standard acoustic tube and with a PTT (press to talk button) and Microphone all in one unit to a bone conducting earpiece. Earpieces have now advanced in technology and bone conducting earpieces as well as Bluetooth earpieces are available to the 2 way radio market.